GameSpot Presents: Now P, id Software 20th Anniversary Video Feature and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2011-08-13 on Tamugaia - GameSpot Presents: Now Playing - Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and id Software 20th Anniversary Video Feature.
GameSpot Presents: Now Playing - Deus Ex: Human Revolution - ... [ View ]

id Software 20th Anniversary Video Feature - ... [ View ]

MDK2 HD hits PCs next month - ... [ View ]

GameSpot Sync - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Tera, and Minecraft - ... [ View ]

Zuma Ball - Arcade Games, Play Free Zuma Ball Online Now - Zuma Ball is a zuma type of game, in which player has to shoot balls to match 3 or more same balls in a row. Try to hit the bonus spots to get extra points as well as avoid the bumpers. Make use of the spa... [ View ]

Balls in a box - Arcade Games, Play Free Balls in a box Online Now - There are red and green balls in a box to separate them by moving paddle in the middle if red sided ball try to go in green side should be stopped, in such way try to collect all balls in their sides. As g... [ View ]

Extreme Ball Dodger - Action Games, Play Free Extreme Ball Dodger Online Now - The main objective of this Extreme Ball Dodger is to save the trapped monster from falling barrage of balls in warehouse. So move monster fast to secure place from falling balls and get points. If the fall... [ View ]

Mahjong Fever - Puzzles Games, Play Free Mahjong Fever Online Now - Mahjong Fever is like Sudoku, actually here player has to find out the same matching tiles with pattern and make them disappear as soon as possible to get more points within given ten minutes. If new Mahjo... [ View ]

Jungle Hunting - Action Games, Play Free Jungle Hunting Online Now - Indian village is attacked by wild animals so player has to create defense line to protect village. Try to put defense towers, feed warriors meat to keep healthy and earn money by killing wild animals and... [ View ]

Screenshots: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (PC) - ... [ View ]

News: Valve announces Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - ... [ View ]

Screenshots: Battlefield 3 (PC) - ... [ View ]

News: God of War Collection Vol. 2 cutscenes in full 1080p - ... [ View ]

News: Hello Games taking Joe Danger: The Movie to gamescom - ... [ View ]

Game Developer’s Radio: Tunes #01 - Number of View: 134 Date recorded: 08/12/2011 This is the first episode of a new show I am trying out, called “Tunes”. Essentially this show will focus on playing awesome video game music that... [ View ]

Return of the podcast! - Number of View: 71 Well it’s been almost over a year since the last podcast was released… Want to apologize for the long wait I have received tons of great fan mail, seen links on blogs reall... [ View ]

GDR News For 09/10/2010 - Number of View: 961 Hello everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know that the podcast is far from dead, and after a very long hiatus the podcast will be back with new shows (and much more!) with in the w... [ View ]

In Other News – 12 August 2011 Weekend Edition - So yesterday I earned back a little respect from the boob-hungry community of gamers who frequent this site, with yesterdays ION. Now the pics may have been supplied to me, but I still went through all of... [ View ]

The Evopoints.co.za Downloads Of The Week – 12/08 - Find out what hot downloadable content deserves your cash this week!... [ View ]

Rage will reward people who buy the game new - id Software has a few incentives for people who buy their game new instead of second hand.... [ View ]

Why game movies suck, from somebody who makes sucky game movies - Why do video game film adapatations suck?... [ View ]

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