GameSoundCon Submissions, help open gl code and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2017-05-19 on Tamugaia - GameSoundCon Submissions Open, and help open gl code.
GameSoundCon Submissions Open - ... [ View ]

help open gl code - ... [ View ]

c# beginneer programmer - ... [ View ]

How to resolve Entity - Component association in an ECS - ... [ View ]

Recent Grad Job Hunting - ... [ View ]

May Releases Available For Dark Age - As you all know, last weekend we had the CMON Expo. While there, players of Dark Age were able to pick up the latest releases, and now they’re available for anyone who wasn’t able to make it to... [ View ]

Untold: Adventures Await Storytelling Game on Kickstarter - Rory’s Story Cubes have helped gamers out there tell great stories with their simple-to-use design and seemingly endless combinations (apparently over 10mil in the base set). Well, now they’re... [ View ]

Turf War Z Miniatures Game Up On Kickstarter - You know, your home’s your home, and you’re not gonna let anyone take it from you. In Los Angeles, the various gangs consider their turf their home. They’re not happy with anyone coming o... [ View ]

WizKids Posts Two New Batman Dice Masters Previews - While Batman takes care of much of the crime problem in Gotham, he doesn’t work alone. Commissioner Gordon certainly does all he can from within a system that seems tailor-made for corruption and ine... [ View ]

Griddlers: Tropical Delight - Hop on the tropical adventure of a lifetime.... [ View ]

Where Will You Be When the Bombs Begin to Fall? Survival Board Game -Apochalyptica- Hits Kickstarter - Upstart indie game development company Psychotronic Studios, has released their first game on Kickstarter. Apochalyptica is an apocalyptic strategy and survival board game/rpg hybrid aiming to bridge the g... [ View ]

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