Game-Hobby, [D3D12] Swapchain::present() Glitches and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2016-07-28 on Tamugaia - Game-Hobby, and [D3D12] Swapchain::present() Glitches.
Game-Hobby - ... [ View ]

[D3D12] Swapchain::present() Glitches - ... [ View ]

Horizon:zero Dawn Cloud System - ... [ View ]

Population Spread Simulator... - ... [ View ]

Why Does Xcode Give My Application A Command Line Argument? - ... [ View ]

Galactic Debate Party Card Game Up On Kickstarter - I love a good debate. Let’s have a deep discussion about what makes a good tabletop game. Or maybe talk about different recipes and what techniques make the best cookies. Or we can discuss the best w... [ View ]

Ares Games Posts Gen Con Pre-Releases - Ares Games will be in Indy in a week for Gen Con. Hopefully, you will be, too (I will be). If you’re a fan of their games, you’ll want to stop by their booth. Heck, even if you’re not a f... [ View ]

Fantasy Flight Games Previews The Force Awakens RPG Beginners Game Box - The Force Awakens has created a place where new fans can hop on the Star Wars fan bus. And with gaming being more mainstream, that means more people interested in getting involved with the RPG opportunitie... [ View ]

Open The Green Box At Arc Dream Publishing Booth at Gen Con - Companies often run special promos at their booth during big shows, and Gen Con is certainly a big show. As such, Arc Dream Publishing is going to be running their Open the Green Box promotion. People will... [ View ]

Ghostbusters rolls the dice on mobile gaming - Colombia Pictures’ Ghostbusters film is lending its characters to the popular mobile game Yahtzee with Buddies to appeal to its key audience as part of a multifaceted campaign on trending applications.... [ View ]

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