Game Developer’s Radio, The Great Spam Bot Purge! and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2012-02-03 on Tamugaia - Game Developer’s Radio: Exploring Design #11, and The Great Spam Bot Purge!.
Game Developer’s Radio: Exploring Design #11 - Number of View: 12 Hosts: Joseph Burchett, Andy Moore Date Recorded: 01/19/2011 In this episode my usual co-host Devin was unable to make it, but in his place I am joined by our new third co-host of th... [ View ]

The Great Spam Bot Purge! - Update: FLUSH!!! Alright, if anything has gone wrong don’t hesitate to email me, I made sure to make a backup before running the plugin! But, if you had no posts but wanted to keep your account, just... [ View ]

Flytrap Factory Releases Middle Eastern Revolutionaries for Warfighter - Flytrap Factory previews their latest release in 15mm for the Warfighter range, the M.E.R.C: From their website: February presents the first opposing force for the U.S.M.C expeditionary marines released in... [ View ]

Dark Sword Miniatures Posts New Releases - Dark Sword Miniatures announce new releases and new sculptors added to their ranges: From their website: Well 2012 is starting off with a bang as we have 8 new (never before seen) releases posted up in our... [ View ]

Rhythm Thief: When Professor Layton Found His Groove - ... [ View ]

The First 90 Minutes of Mass Effect 3 - ... [ View ]

Podcast Beyond: The Used Games Debate - ... [ View ]

Sony report Q3 loss: Kaz Hirai to put PlayStation back on top - ... [ View ]

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