Game Developer’s Radio, DOTA 2: Heroes Artwork and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2011-08-21 on Tamugaia - Game Developer’s Radio #11 Kihon Games, and DOTA 2: Heroes Artwork.
Game Developer’s Radio #11 Kihon Games - Number of View: 9 Date recorded: 08/13/2011 Guest: Mark Grossnickel     On todays show I interview Mark Grossnickle about his new Company Kihon Games and go into detail about the Company’s... [ View ]

DOTA 2: Heroes Artwork - Here is a collection of all available art for most of the heroes shown in the Dota 2 stream. If you have a link to the art of heroes that Ive missed then please do inform me by commenting below.... [ View ]

Gamescom: Ubisoft -- Best in Show? - ... [ View ]

Gamescom: WildStar Blends Familiar and New Ideas for a Satisfying MMO Experience - ... [ View ]

Gamescom: Medieval Moves -- Time Crisis with Swords? - ... [ View ]

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