Galactic Gems, Xenos and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2011-11-10 on Tamugaia - Galactic Gems, and Xenos.
Galactic Gems - In the puzzle game Galactic Gems you are challenged to set the highest score possible matching 3 or more gems from the same kind in order to remove the background of each level.... [ View ]

Xenos - In the fighting game Xenos you are on an adventure to save the world. Get the man who stole the special energy Xenos and defeat him and his helpers to destroy the metal fortress.... [ View ]

Jumping Finn - In the arcade game Jumping Finn you need to help out Jake and Finn getting Finn fly as far as possible. Let Jake kick Finn as hard as he can. While Finn is in the air, Jake can help him with all sorts of u... [ View ]

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine – Travel to Distant Future - The Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine game is set in the distant future, the year 40,000 AD, where the battleground is a post apocalyptic wasteland. It is the third-person shooter game, where the player is th... [ View ]

Battlefield 3- Enjoy Modern Weaponry Gaming - This latest version of the Battlefield series is a modern setting with modern weaponry. The setting is in the Arabian Peninsula, with very clear definitions of palm trees and buildings showing that it look... [ View ]

RAGE- PC Game with Sharp Graphics and Vivid Colors - RAGE can be played on X-Box 360, PC, as well as PlayStation 3.  It is a first-person-shooter game created with the background being post-apocalyptic earth or after an alien invasion on earth. The game can... [ View ]

Xbox 360 Live Gold Card- Virtual Currency for Game Stuffs - People who tend to stay glued to their Xbox sets might have come across Xbox 360 live gold cards. These cards can be purchased and act as the virtual currency which enables you to make different purchases... [ View ]

Wallie Cards – Buy Game Cards Which are Valid throughout the World - There are different methods of buying game credits available in the market. These credits are then used for making payments for buying various game products. One such way of making this kind of payment is... [ View ]

Geek Nation Tours Releases Gen Con Tour - Geek Nation Tours announces Gen Con tour: From their announcement: Geek Nation Tours is proud to announce that it will be partnering up with one of the largest and most prestigious gaming conventions in th... [ View ]

Relic Miniatures Ltd Offer New Gallic Shield Designs - Relic Miniatures Ltd. offer new Gallic Shield Designs:... [ View ]

Brookhurst Hobbies Announce Adikolor Paints Sale - Brookhurst Hobbies announces Adikolor Paints Sale: From their announcement: Brookhurst Hobbies is offering Adikolor Paints for only $0.75 ea. while supplies last! Adikolor paints are acrylic, water-based,... [ View ]

Troll Lord Games Exceeds Kickstarter Goal in 6 Days - Troll Lord Games exceeds Kickstarter goal: From their announcement: A hearty THANK YOU to everyone who has already joined the Crusade and pre-ordered Classic Monsters Monster Manual. We are offering a larg... [ View ]

Gruntz 15mm Previews New 15mm Mech - Gruntz 15mm previews a new 15mm Mech: From their announcement: A new Mecha model going into production before the new year for Gruntz. They are called the Imperator mecha which is for 15mm Scale gaming. It... [ View ]

Sky Taxi 4: Top Secret - ... [ View ]

Pet Rush: Arround the World - ... [ View ]

Profiler: The Hopscotch Killer - ... [ View ]

Creepy Tales: Lost in Vasel Land - ... [ View ]

Skyrim released ahead of official street date in Australia - ... [ View ]

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection launch trailer - ... [ View ]

Dragon Quest X shots show varied locations - ... [ View ]

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