Five Steps To Building A, Anger Over Escape Of Gaddafi Family Members and other World news

The world news of 2011-08-30 on Tamugaia - Five Steps To Building A Post-Gaddafi Libya, and Anger Over Escape Of Gaddafi Family Members.
Five Steps To Building A Post-Gaddafi Libya - Looking at the evolving situation in Libya, I find it difficult to avoid comparing it to a range of similar conflict and post-conflict zones that I have been involved with in the past.... [ View ]

Anger Over Escape Of Gaddafi Family Members - The hunt is continuing for Colonel Gaddafi as members of his family are confirmed to have been given refuge in neighbouring Algeria.... [ View ]

22 Chinese miners rescued - Twenty-two Chinese coal miners have been pulled alive from their flooded pit after being trapped underground for a week.... [ View ]

Ramadan holy month ends - The Muslim holy month of Ramadan has ended with the new moon sighting in Saudi Arabia and the beginning of the Eid al-Fitr holiday.... [ View ]

Irene blamed for 33 deaths in US - Hurricane Irene is being blamed for at least 33 deaths in the US and emergency officials say many parts of the northeast suffered disastrous flooding.... [ View ]

Airlines resuming flights in US - Airports in the New York area are open again now that Tropical Storm Irene has left town, but airlines warn it will be days before all stranded passengers find their way home.... [ View ]

Watch: Hurricane Irene Soaks New Jersey - ... [ View ]

Watch: Vermont Battles Worst Floods in 70 Years - ... [ View ]

Watch: Flooding Traps Over 2,000 in Windham, NY - ... [ View ]

22 Chinese Miners Rescued After 7 Days Trapped - Hopes for the miners revived Sunday after noises were detected through a 920-foot pipe that was drilled to allow fresh air into the illegal mine near the northeastern city of Qitaihe. State television show... [ View ]

U.S.-Taliban Talks Were Making Headway - The direct talks had evolved to a substantive negotiation before Afghan officials scuttled them, Afghan and U.S. officials told The Associated Press. Afghan officials were nervous that the secret and indep... [ View ]

Afghan President Pardons Would-Be Suicide Bombers - Afghan President Hamid Karzai ordered the release of two dozen children — the youngest of whom was 8 — who had been arrested for planned or attempted suicide bombings. Several high-profile incidents th... [ View ]

In Japan, Next Prime Minister Faces Many Skeptics - Japan looks set to get a new prime minister as early as Tuesday. But in a country that has been plagued by years of economic stagnation and a major disaster this spring, few are expecting a quick turnaroun... [ View ]

Watch: Bird Survives Flight Through Hurricane Irene - ... [ View ]

Watch: Family Abandons Moammar Gadhafi - ... [ View ]

Watch: Terror Attack Near Tel Aviv Nightclub - ... [ View ]

Watch: Happy Feet to Be Released With GPS - ... [ View ]

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