Five Really Strange Cryp, Pterosaurs Probably Didn’t Fly Like Bats and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2018-05-29 on Tamugaia - Five Really Strange Cryptozoological Tales, and Pterosaurs Probably Didn’t Fly Like Bats.
Five Really Strange Cryptozoological Tales - Just recently, while doing radio, I was asked what I would consider to be my personal, strangest top 5 cryptozoological stories. Well, it’s a good question, as there are so many of them. Yes, many si... [ View ]

Pterosaurs Probably Didn’t Fly Like Bats - This is not good. A lot of prehistoric sci-fi movies (we’re looking at you — Jurassic Park franchise) may soon have to carry a disclaimer that “objects flying in mirror are not as bat-like as the... [ View ]

Fountain of Youth for Dogs May Lead to One for Humans - It seems like a new strategy when it comes to conducting controversial and potentially unethical research is: “If you can’t beat ‘em, do it on animals.” That was the case with the new announcement... [ View ]

MU Entertainment News Round-Up 05.28.18 - Your regular Mysterious Universe entertainment news round-up, covering the latest developments in the worlds of sci-fi, fantasy and horror… Suspiria remake The remake of Dario Argento’s 1977 operatic h... [ View ]

New Stonehenge Theory Says Humans Didn’t Move Stones After All - Stonehenge remains one of the most debated prehistoric monuments in the world. Archaeologists believe the ring of standing stones was erected some time between 3000 BC and 2000 BC, but since the culture wh... [ View ]

The Legs - ... [ View ]

Remnants/humanoid Shadow Figures - Every few months these black shadowy figures appear either on the corner nearby or across the street from my house. I believe that something horrible has happened on that corner, leading to my calling them... [ View ]

The Shakers - ... [ View ]

Australian islands closed due to rat invasion - Up to a dozen islands off the far north coast of Queensland have now been closed to the public. The invasive rodents, which made their way to the isla...... [ View ]

Investigator recalls first ghostly experience - Mark Egerton from Southhoe, England, has spent more than four decades investigating the paranormal. "I think the really interesting thing about the pa...... [ View ]

Benjamin Fulford’s Update – Late Posting - Benjamin Fulford 2018-05-28 Late posting By Benjamin Fulford White Dragon Society  6 Comments This week’s article will be posted Monday afternoon, U.S. Eastern time. 2018-05-28 William Twofeather fou... [ View ]

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