First ‘Mind-Readin, Amazing Pieces of Alleged Tasmanian Tiger Footage and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2018-01-09 on Tamugaia - First ‘Mind-Reading’ AI Can Literally See Your Thoughts, and Amazing Pieces of Alleged Tasmanian Tiger Footage.
First ‘Mind-Reading’ AI Can Literally See Your Thoughts - Last month, AI researchers at computing hardware manufacturer Nvidia developed a neural network which was able to ‘imagine’ scenes or images it had never seen before. This, naturally, led to a great de... [ View ]

Amazing Pieces of Alleged Tasmanian Tiger Footage - One of the most sought after mystery creatures of modern times is the Tasmanian Tiger, a creature which once roamed the wilds of Australia and the island of Tasmania. It is almost legendary in its native l... [ View ]

Ghost of Stan Laurel in Photograph at Old Movie House - A paranormal investigator in England claims he met the ghost of comedic legend Stan Laurel at an old abandoned movie theater and even got a picture of the silent film spirit. Even if you don’t believe in... [ View ]

Ancient Scroll May Contain Game of Thrones Secrets - “The Canterbury Roll is a 15th-century, hand-written genealogy that begins with Noah and traces the rulers of England from the mythical Brutus to King Edward IV. The genealogy is accompanied by an extens... [ View ]

Eerie Lights Over Early Massachusetts: The First UFO Sightings in the New World - Massachusetts in the early 1600s was a bleak destination, though one with promise. In the early years of the settlement of the Massachusetts Bay, Governor John Winthrop brought just shy of 1000 colonists o... [ View ]

Stephen Hawking celebrates 76th birthday - Upon first being diagnosed with motor neurone disease at 21, Hawking was given a mere 2 years to live. Recognized around the world as both a scientifi...... [ View ]

SpaceX launches mystery government satellite - Code-named Zuma, the secretive satellite was launched in to orbit aboard a Falcon 9 rocket on Sunday night. As usual with SpaceX launches, the Falcon ...... [ View ]

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