Fans Still Fawning Over , Texas Chupacabra: The Beginnings of a Freaky Phenomenon and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2018-10-11 on Tamugaia - Fans Still Fawning Over Fake Fairy Photos, and Texas Chupacabra: The Beginnings of a Freaky Phenomenon.
Fans Still Fawning Over Fake Fairy Photos - They’re the most famous photographs of fairies ever … and one of the most famous paranormal hoaxes ever as well – fooling the likes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, numerous “experts” and many members... [ View ]

Texas Chupacabra: The Beginnings of a Freaky Phenomenon - In my previous article, “The U.S. Chupacabra: An Intriguing Theory,” I detailed how cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard suspected that the “Texas Chupacabras” were actually coyotes exposed... [ View ]

Saturn’s Rings Are Full of Organic Compounds - Saturn has to be both the coolest and weirdest planet in the solar system. It’s so strange that it’s inspired countless conspiracy theories including the, admittedly awesome, idea Saturn is whe... [ View ]

‘Massive UFO’ Filmed Over South Carolina Beach During Lightning Storm - The coastline of the Carolinas has become a hotspot for mysteries lately. Just this week, a large unidentified object washed ashore not far from Charleston, South Carolina before being quickly whisked away... [ View ]

The Legend of Nes Cemetery - On the western coast of Lake Winnipeg runs a small river, and upon one side of that river sits a small cemetery, hidden by miles of marshland and never visited. The graves are no longer marked. The house t... [ View ]

Gralien Report Daily News for October 10, 2018 - ... [ View ]

TGR 10.08.18. Geologica Esoterica: Our Haunting Planet - ... [ View ]

Case of vanishing monk still remains unsolved - A British filmmaker is hoping to solve the mysterious disappearance of Father Maurus Deegan in 2005. Father Deegan had been a resident at Pluscarden A...... [ View ]

Lion cub found by jogger in the Netherlands - The caged lion cub was found abandoned in the middle of a field to the north of the city of Utrecht. The jogger, who has not been named, got the shock...... [ View ]

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