Fallout 4 - New Beta Pat, Pay Humble Bundle $15, get $276 worth of maker know-how and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2015-12-03 on Tamugaia - Fallout 4 - New Beta Patch, and Pay Humble Bundle $15, get $276 worth of maker know-how.
Fallout 4 - New Beta Patch - ... [ View ]

Pay Humble Bundle $15, get $276 worth of maker know-how - Humble Bundle unveiled its latest book pack on Wednesday and, hoo boy, is it a doozy. The pay-what-you-want charity is teaming up with Make for a huge book pack that teaches the basics of Arduino and Pi pr... [ View ]

XCOM 2 Screenshots Preview The Quaint Nature Of A Small Town - Firaxis Games released some new screenshots of a few more maps players will interact with during their missions in XCOM...... [ View ]

Rise Of The Tomb Raider First DLC "Baba Yaga" Screenshot Released, Riggie Fils-Aime Will Attend The Game Awards 2015 - ... [ View ]

Former industry minister Ian Macfarlane announces move from Liberals to National party – politics live - Martin Parkinson to head up PM’s department as Labor continues its attack on Mal Brough and the Greens do a deal on tax transparency. All the developments, live 6.40am GMT Q: Would you like to see him ta... [ View ]

Treasures of Egypt - Save Ancient Egypt from the evil Imhotep!... [ View ]

Edna & Harvey: The Puzzle - An unparalleled puzzle game experience!... [ View ]

Red Riding Hood: Star-Crossed Lovers - Rediscover Red Riding Hood.... [ View ]

Among the Heavens - A fun game to run a tavern up in the sky!... [ View ]

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