Fall Issue of Casual Gam, Iron Maiden Weekend At Team Yankee and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2016-10-10 on Tamugaia - Fall Issue of Casual Game Insider Now Available, and Iron Maiden Weekend At Team Yankee.
Fall Issue of Casual Game Insider Now Available - As we get close to the weekend, minds turn to gaming. But what if you get to the LGS before the rest of your group does? Do what I do and read a gaming magazine. And this week, you can check out the fall i... [ View ]

Iron Maiden Weekend At Team Yankee - The British are coming! The British are coming! Sorry, it was that or a bit about watching Peter over at Gale Force Nine headbang to Iron Maiden, Slayer, Pantera, and Sepultura all weekend… which wou... [ View ]

Insult Your Friends Party Card Game Up On Kickstarter - Have you ever had one of those friendships that, from anyone else looking in, it would seem that the two of you absolutely hated each other? You know, the type of friendship where you’re always insul... [ View ]

Fantasy Flight Games Previews Kylo Ren Starter Set For Star Wars: Destiny - People seem pretty interested in Star Wars: Destiny. It’s certainly an IP that people tend to get on board with. And Fantasy Flight Games is known for making a quality product. So I know several who... [ View ]

Texture mapping coordinates for OpenGL and DirectX - ... [ View ]

HLSL: mad vs separate multiply add - ... [ View ]

Static Shadowmap from a HeightMap - ... [ View ]

Audio System - ... [ View ]

2D Tower Defense top-down view JavaScript - ... [ View ]

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