Extra mental health staf, Business Desk Live - May 22 and other World news

The world news of 2015-05-22 on Tamugaia - Extra mental health staff for police stations and courts in £800k investment, and Business Desk Live - May 22.
Extra mental health staff for police stations and courts in £800k investment - Extra mental health staff will work at police stations and courts in the Black Country in an £800,000 investment.... [ View ]

Business Desk Live - May 22 - Stay with us for all the latest breaking business news... [ View ]

Backstage Brits have nose for fun - One Direction, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dame Helen Mirren and Robert Pattinson were among British stars who helped raise money for the first Red Nose Day in America.... [ View ]

Greece says reform deal can come in 10 days, but Merkel is cautious - live updates - ... [ View ]

Attacks on the last elephants and rhinos threaten entire ecosystems - ... [ View ]

A referendum is not the way to go when it comes to gay rights or minority issues - ... [ View ]

Colombian takes BP to court in UK over alleged complicity in kidnap and torture - ... [ View ]

Obama's Game of Chicken w/Supreme Court - Jeffrey Toobin, New YorkerSometime next month, the Supreme Court will decide King v. Burwell, and the conventional wisdom about the stakes in the case appears to have shifted. The case represents a challe... [ View ]

Hillary, Obama & the Coercive Liberal Agenda - Victor Davis Hanson, NROWhat happens when the public does not wish to live out the utopian dreams of its elite leaders? Usually, the answer for those leaders is to seek more coercion and less liberty to f... [ View ]

Inside the Ancient City ISIS Just Sacked - Michael Weiss, The Daily BeastPalmyra holds a dual significance to Syrians as being home to some of the world’s most celebrated ruins and one of the Assad regime’s most feared detention and to... [ View ]

Why We Need Trigger Warnings - Jeet Heer, The New RepublicGeneral are often accused of fighting the last war, of confronting every foe through the prism of earlier battles. Political polemicists, no less than military leaders, run the... [ View ]

TV Show Takes Family Back in Time to Live Under Nazi Control - Even the rare old currency of the Nazi puppet state will be used.... [ View ]

See Dog Pulled From Raging Flood Waters, Given Mouth-to-Mouth - Dog fell into water filled with mud, stones and other debris.... [ View ]

The ISIS Assault on History: Fears for Palmyra - ISIS has officially taken over the city of Palmyra, stoking fears that militants will destroy the priceless artifacts left in the ancient city.... [ View ]

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