Expert claims El Chupaca, THE LATEST LINKS: The Tatzelwurm, Spirit Guides, Leprechauns and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-03-26 on Tamugaia - Expert claims El Chupacabra mystery solved, and THE LATEST LINKS: The Tatzelwurm, Spirit Guides, Leprechauns.
Expert claims El Chupacabra mystery solved - Author Benjamin Radford believes El Chupacabra is but a left-over memory from a science fiction movie. Managing editor of the journal The Skeptical In...... [ View ]

THE LATEST LINKS: The Tatzelwurm, Spirit Guides, Leprechauns - ... [ View ]

Jesus crucifixion thorn goes on display - A thorn claimed to be from the crown Jesus wore during his crucifixion has gone on display in Britain. The relic has a long history, having been seize...... [ View ]

3-year-old weighs over nine stone - Lu Hao from China has entered the news recently for all the wrong reasons - he weighs 132lbs. The hungry youngster can get through three bowls of rice...... [ View ]

Siberia to set up Yeti research institute - Siberia is to ramp up its studies of the legendary Yeti following a number of recent sightings. Experts at Kemerovo University are hoping to prove tha...... [ View ]

The Proof: Mind, Miracles and the Multiverse –Extraordinary Law of Attraction Stories - ... [ View ]

Genome Sovereignty - ... [ View ]

‘Situation awareness’ is key for consciousness and safe, healthy living - ... [ View ]

Enigmas in Empty Places: Haunted Deserts - ... [ View ]

There’s artistic beauty in nature vs. manmade – Burbank Leader - ... [ View ]

Justin Bieber calls Usher and makes a joke – Part 4 – Le 6/9 NRJ - ... [ View ]

cat has circular hair loss? - ... [ View ]

Christians, if you don’t believe in “reincarnation”, then why do you profess being “born again”? - ... [ View ]

Additional Reports of Green Fireball - Depiction of helicopters following green fireball object (Case # 28396). In an email to LITS, JJ writes: I’m from Los Angeles and I saw something just like that a few days ago (maybe Monday?). It was... [ View ]

Saw UFO fly through air huver and then disapear and very colorful - I was driving down the highway coming out of grand rapids and looked out the window of the car and saw what looked like a shooting star. Then the star looking object got bigger and turned all types of neon... [ View ]

UFO sighting at Old Hurst - AT 11.30pm on March 19 over the north-east of Old Hurst, Huntingdonshire, my partner and I were walking our dog, when out of the range from a distance on a clear night and with no noise a seven-dotted oran... [ View ]

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