“Everything is new” , Star Wars Battlefront’s $50 season pass contents revealed and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2015-11-16 on Tamugaia - “Everything is new” in Homefront: The Revolution, and Star Wars Battlefront’s $50 season pass contents revealed.
“Everything is new” in Homefront: The Revolution - Homefront: The Revolution isn’t just continuing the story set in the first game. Its turned it around completely and turned it into a proper brand. And while it is a sequel, it’s also a brand new game... [ View ]

Star Wars Battlefront’s $50 season pass contents revealed - Season passes are easily the most divisive promises out there. Some folks fall for them, some spurn them and others decide to wait out a few months of FOMO and see what they have to offer after they’ve b... [ View ]

Feature: VideoGamer.com Plays, 14th November, 2015 - ... [ View ]

News: The Division lets you create up to 4 characters on a single account - ... [ View ]

Screenshots: Fast Racing Neo (Wii U) - ... [ View ]

Screenshots: Transformers Devastation (PS4) - ... [ View ]

Australia v New Zealand: the fourth day of the second Test – live! - Live updates from the fourth day of play at the Waca GroundEmail: russell.jackson@theguardian.com | Twitter: @rustyjacko 6.40am GMT 21st over: Australia 98-2 ( Smith 45, Voges 29)Ooh, little bit of spin n... [ View ]

Paris attacks: anti-terrorism raids across France as hunt for Salah Abdeslam continues – live - Strikes target Islamic State stronghold in RaqqaPolice raids taking place in Toulouse, Grenoble, Jeumont and BobignyParis death toll stands at 129, with 352 woundedWho was Paris attacker Omar Ismail Mostef... [ View ]

France bombs Islamic State HQ, hunts attacker who got away - France launched "massive" airstrikes on the IS group's de-facto capital in Syria... [ View ]

Fallout 4 Glitch Allows Player To Have Unlimited Inventory Space With Companion, Working Details Inside - ... [ View ]

Have You Seen GoPro’s 360-Degree Videos On Facebook Yet? - Recently in September Facebook started providing 360-degree video support that caters to a virtual reality headsets. GoPro recently released their VR recording rig called Odyssey and was one of the first c... [ View ]

Resident Evil 2 "Color masks"? - ... [ View ]

Resources for BRDF Shading Models (Specular, Diffuse, Fresnel)? - ... [ View ]

Any Good Resources on Animation/Programming-Based Mathematics? - ... [ View ]

CreateInputLayout() question - ... [ View ]

Best Java Game Dev tutorials? - ... [ View ]

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