Ever Since I Was Little,, The Werewolf Jacque Roulet and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2015-05-30 on Tamugaia - Ever Since I Was Little, I Have Been Different, and The Werewolf Jacque Roulet.
Ever Since I Was Little, I Have Been Different - ... [ View ]

The Werewolf Jacque Roulet - In European history, documented cases exist of people convicted for committing murders as a werewolf. In their confessions, many described the source to the transformation as a belt, ointment, a potion or... [ View ]

Traingle Shaped Neckalce That Followed Me - ... [ View ]

Unknown Experience - ... [ View ]

White Figure, Dark Shadows - ... [ View ]

Not Only Folklore? - ... [ View ]

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