Epic Mickey 2 Review: A , Epic Mickey Power of Illusion Review: Cartoon Follies and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2012-11-17 on Tamugaia - Epic Mickey 2 Review: A Kingdom Lacking Magic, and Epic Mickey Power of Illusion Review: Cartoon Follies.
Epic Mickey 2 Review: A Kingdom Lacking Magic - Though its heart is in the right place, Disney's follow up remains highly flawed.... [ View ]

Epic Mickey Power of Illusion Review: Cartoon Follies - Mickey's 3DS outing doesn't live up to its 16-bit inspiration.... [ View ]

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Offers the Best Opportunity to Jump In - Now could be the perfect time to see what the Monster Hunter series has to offer.... [ View ]

Import Only: The Wii Games That Never Came to America - A look at seven notable creations that skipped our shores.... [ View ]

Clash of the Worlds - In the strategy game Clash of the Worlds your army of different warriors must prevent the enemy monsters from entering the kingdom. Select the path and put the right warrior at it to destroy the incoming e... [ View ]

Zombies vs Penguins 2 - In the shooting game Zombies vs. Penguins 2 you must make sure you destroy all zombies each stage with your special penguin force. Use a gun and the elements to guide the bullets in order to destroy the zo... [ View ]

The Water Knight - In the action game The Water Knight you must get your hands on the treasure each level. Jump from platform to platform in order to get at the treasure. Watch out, as the platforms can disappear into the wa... [ View ]

Steampunk Odyssey - In the puzzle adventure game Steampunk Odyssey your duty is to help Abraham Lincoln escape from the heavy industrialized environment he is in. Make use of the elements in each scene to pass.... [ View ]

Jetpacks and Zombies - In the action game Jetpacks and Zombies your duty is to eliminate all zombies on the planet. Use a jetpack and weapons to get the job done. Earn cash to upgrade your gear or buy new stuff.... [ View ]

Sine Mora shoots up PS3/Vita next week - ... [ View ]

Ninja Gaiden 3 Wii U trailer shows Momiji in action - ... [ View ]

DMC: Devil May Cry dev diary highlights voice acting cast - ... [ View ]

I AM IRON MONGER! - ... [ View ]

Prepare…For Mortal Kombain! - ... [ View ]

In Other News – 16 November 2012 Weekend Edition - ... [ View ]

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes review - ... [ View ]

Pyre Studios announces Haar Miniature line, looking for funding on Indiegogo - ... [ View ]

Mourngul available for pre-order from Warhammer Forge - ... [ View ]

Titan Forge to bury you under Undead Wyvern contest - ... [ View ]

Scotia Grendel Sci-Fi APC Review on Graven Games - ... [ View ]

Rebel Minis Releases Sahadeen Command Pack - ... [ View ]

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