Elon Musk and an Artific, First Mission to Mars Will Need a Few Clowns and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2019-02-19 on Tamugaia - Elon Musk and an Artificial Intelligence Too Dangerous to Be Made Public, and First Mission to Mars Will Need a Few Clowns.
Elon Musk and an Artificial Intelligence Too Dangerous to Be Made Public - The latest terrifying artificial intelligence development to foreshadow humanity’s future under the cold, steel boots of ruthless robots comes by way of OpenAI, a San Francisco-based research institute f... [ View ]

First Mission to Mars Will Need a Few Clowns - The Mars One project has been canceled due to bankruptcy. Now, other future Mars projects may be in jeopardy as well when potential astronauts find out about a series of tests involving volunteers living f... [ View ]

Mysterious Lake Monsters of China - Pretty much wherever one goes in the world where there is a large enough body of water there are bound to be reports of lake monsters. This strange phenomenon transcends cultural and geographical boundarie... [ View ]

Looking at the Tricky Nature of the Trickster - When, in my early teens, I became seriously interested in the world of Forteana, most things were pretty black-and-white to me: Bigfoot were giant undiscovered apes; the Loch Ness Monsters were surviving r... [ View ]

Year in Space Messed With Astronaut Scott Kelly’s Immune System - “I’ve never felt completely normal in space.” These are not the words of the proud new owner of a tiny house but of former astronaut Scott Kelly, who should know something about space aft... [ View ]

Flat Earth belief linked to online video sharing - Conspiracy theory videos on YouTube may be playing a significant role in convincing people that the Earth is flat. In the age of orbiting satellites, ...... [ View ]

Benjamin Fulford – Bankrupt US government issues fake bonds in doomed attempt to keep afloat - Benjamin Fulford The bankrupt U.S. government in Washington, D.C. was able to pretend it did not go bankrupt last week by issuing fake bonds, but these will be blocked, according to Pentagon, Asian secret... [ View ]

The Dallas Occupy Plot - Wikispooks The Dallas occupy plot was an unused plan to use snipers to assassinate the leaders of Occupy Houston. It was dicsovered by Ryan Shapiro, whose FOIA requests uncovered documents that reveal t... [ View ]

A Financial System Headed For A Collision With Debt - Investment Research Dynamics The retail sales report for December – delayed because of the Government shut-down – was released this morning. It showed the largest monthly drop since September 2009. Onl... [ View ]

Sensing Energy – 5 Strategies To Read People’s Emotional Energy - Body Mind Soul Spirit The following is an excerpt from Judith Orloff’s book The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life. Emotions are a stunning expression of our ener... [ View ]

3 Differences between Martial law and National emergency - Social Utility Network 3 Differences between Martial law and National emergency Martial Law as the name says is the direct imposition of military government over civilian elected government. Reasons could... [ View ]

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