EUR/USD - Next Trade Pre, Would New Coalition Greek Governmenmt News Support EUR/USD? and other Economy news

The economy news of 2011-11-07 on Tamugaia - EUR/USD - Next Trade Presenting Itself, and Would New Coalition Greek Governmenmt News Support EUR/USD?.
EUR/USD - Next Trade Presenting Itself - The intervention of the Bank of Japan in the Forex market last Monday produced a swift sell-off to 1.3615 in EUR/USD; with the Euro then spending the rest of the week recovering, as anticipated. This recov... [ View ]

Would New Coalition Greek Governmenmt News Support EUR/USD? - On Friday Euro/Dollar decreased with 160 pips on Greece woes. The European currency depreciated from 1.3873 to 1.3710 on Friday, not matching the positive Interbank sentiment projection at above +6%, closi... [ View ]

EURCHF Weekly - Bullish Above 1.2125 - Initial trading last week saw investors sell intraday gains resulting in EURCHF posting five lower daily highs in succession. However, strong bullish price action on Friday broke the sequence with the cros... [ View ]

Greek PM Agrees Coalition Govt With Opposition, Will Step Down - Greek politics grabbed all the attention over the weekend with some developments that perhaps cleared the murky air that hovered over markets towards the end of last week. First off, PM Papandreou survived... [ View ]

Forex Flash: EUR/USD: Below 1.3855/ 1.3930, on the defensive - Commerzbank - ... [ View ]

USD/JPY closed higher on Friday ending - ... [ View ]

Technical Major Currencies Weekly Report - ... [ View ]

Czech lower house passes reform bills after Senate veto - ... [ View ]

Europe Factors-Shares seen opening lower on Italy, Greece - ... [ View ]

France Telecom, Publicis announce digital fund - ... [ View ]

OFFICIAL-TEXT-S&P: Mixed perf by Japan mjr securities grps, says rpt - ... [ View ]

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