E3 2016 Outlast 2 Previ, NGB | E3 2016 WRC 6 Preview and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2016-06-20 on Tamugaia - E3 2016 Outlast 2 Preview and Interview | TechRaptor, and NGB | E3 2016 WRC 6 Preview.
E3 2016 Outlast 2 Preview and Interview | TechRaptor - At E3 2016 Techraptor had a chance to talk with Red Barrels co-founder Philippe Martin regarding the upcoming horror game Outlast 2, and play the early version to share our thoughts on it!... [ View ]

NGB | E3 2016 WRC 6 Preview - NGB Wrote: "Overall, my time with WRC 6 was a very positive one. It seems as though developer Kylotonn has listened to feedback since its previous incarnation and offered something that is not only catered... [ View ]

Uncharted 4 Review | Righteous Fury Gaming - ... [ View ]

The 5 Best Games That We Played At E3 - While there were many games on show that were quite remarkable, these particular games were the best that Press Start played at E3.... [ View ]

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