Draw the Battle Lines: A, A Nomination and an Election in the Balance and other World news

The world news of 2020-09-23 on Tamugaia - Draw the Battle Lines: Amy Barrett Is a Clear Choice, and A Nomination and an Election in the Balance.
Draw the Battle Lines: Amy Barrett Is a Clear Choice - This election was always going to be about culture. Trump should treat the election as referendums on cultural issues and nominate Amy Coney Barrett.... [ View ]

A Nomination and an Election in the Balance - t is already a cliche to say that the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg further complicates what is already a tumultuous election campaign. All the arguments for and against the propriety... [ View ]

Dems Find Their Galvanizing Issue With Court Pick Fight - Democrats have never been adept at making the Supreme Court a campaign issue. I suspect that is about to change.... [ View ]

As Joe Rogan Grows, So Does Liberal Backlash. Why? - The popular podcast host is a political liberal by all metrics. So what explains the contempt he provokes in liberal circles?... [ View ]

Formal Ties With U.S.? Not For Now, Says Taiwan Foreign Minister - Two high-ranking Trump administration officials have been to the island recently. The visits come against a backdrop of deepening mistrust and deteriorating relations between the U.S. and China.... [ View ]

President Trump Criticizes China During His Virtual Speech At U.N. General Assembly - More world leaders than usual are expected to speak at the U.N. General Assembly this year because of its virtual format. In his video message, Trump came out swinging against Beijing.... [ View ]

Travel latest news: ‘Do not book overseas holidays’, pleads Sturgeon - ... [ View ]

Donald Trump says he wants Supreme Court nominee installed before November 3 to fight voting fraud lawsuits - ... [ View ]

Is the UK heading for a second national lockdown? The new Covid rules from Boris Johnson's update - ... [ View ]

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