Don't Doubt the Hip, The Failures and Future of the American University and other World news

The world news of 2013-03-23 on Tamugaia - Don't Doubt the Hipster, and The Failures and Future of the American University.
Don't Doubt the Hipster - Richard Florida, The Daily BeastJoel Kotkin is at it again.Oli Scarff/GettyAmerica's leading cheerleader for suburban sprawl likes to tell a story about how cities are dying and... [ View ]

The Failures and Future of the American University - Reason MagazineThe economist Herbert Stein once said that something that can't go on forever, won't. That observation, sometimes called Stein's Law, could well turn out to be the theme for... [ View ]

How ObamaCare Is Closing the Gap - Kathleen Sebelius, Detroit NewsThis week marks the third anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. For residents of Michigan, that means a health care system that is stronger than it was three years ago, an... [ View ]

Are Dems Tearing Themselves Apart? - Stanley Kurtz, National ReviewWhile the country has been focused on post-election divisions among Republicans, a major fault-line within the Democratic coalition has been steadily widening. A growing and... [ View ]

The London Whale, Richard Fisher and Cyprus - Simon Johnson, NY TimesIn the ordinary course of political events, months or even years pass between a definitive investigation and sensible policy remedies being proposed. There was a lag, for example, b... [ View ]

US tourist recovering after shark bite - A police spokesperson in the Bahamas says a New York man is recovering after being bitten by a shark while visiting the island chain.... [ View ]

Russian serial killer sentenced to life - A Russian serial killer, who butchered his nine victims with a knife and hammer, and said he ate the hearts of two of them, has been sentenced to life in prison.... [ View ]

Fire at Myanmar refugee camp kills 42 - 3:17 PM... [ View ]

Pope prepares to meet his predecessor - 1:18 PM... [ View ]

Horsemeat tasted like beef: UK deli owner - 12:30 PM... [ View ]

Philippine militants free Warren Rodwell - 11:43 AM... [ View ]

Arwa Damon: Freeze-frame moments - ... [ View ]

Jessica Lynch, others: Where are they now? - ... [ View ]

Photos: Enduring images - ... [ View ]

Kenyan woman challenges tradition - ... [ View ]

Vettel impresses in Malaysia - Sebastian Vettel teed himself up for back-to-back pole positions to start the new Formula One season on Saturday.... [ View ]

UK endures more horrendous weather - Weather warnings remain in place throughout Britain as the country endures continuing winter storms, which are believed to have already claimed the life of one woman.... [ View ]

Savers face lacklustre Isa rates - A lacklustre Isa season will leave savers having to work extra hard in the coming weeks to seek out the best deals, experts have warned.... [ View ]

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