Do earthquakes turn wate, Student invents miracle wound-closing gel and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2013-03-20 on Tamugaia - Do earthquakes turn water to gold ?, and Student invents miracle wound-closing gel.
Do earthquakes turn water to gold ? - Earthquakes could play a significant role in the formation of gold deposits, say researchers. Gold is deposited when rock fractures filled with water ...... [ View ]

Student invents miracle wound-closing gel - A New York University student has invented a medical gel that could make conventional bandages obselete. 20-year-old Joe Landolina maintains that his ...... [ View ]

Hundreds of dinosaur egg fossils unearthed - Researchers have discovered large numbers of fossil dinosaur eggs in northeastern Spain. The eggs were found at Coll de Nargo in the Spanish province ...... [ View ]

Australian Family Encounters Alien Craft - ... [ View ]

An Interesting Question - ... [ View ]

UFO Reports from Wyoming - ... [ View ]

Disc-shaped UFO Videotaped over New York - ... [ View ]

Why Do You Need To Stare At Me? - This happened around just after my high school. I am from Malaysia, at that time we were introduce National Service (mandatory government military service programmes) for our country. I was in the first ba... [ View ]

News: B.C. Bigfoot Print, Haunted Auto Parts, Virus Mystery - ... [ View ]

Reader Report: Dark Figure Creeps Up on Baby - ... [ View ]

Death Knocks! - ... [ View ]

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