Distrubuted actor model , Help with 3D camera please and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2015-10-11 on Tamugaia - Distrubuted actor model for a realtime game server, and Help with 3D camera please.
Distrubuted actor model for a realtime game server - ... [ View ]

Help with 3D camera please - ... [ View ]

How to give away copies of my priced game on iOS? - ... [ View ]

Should I use OpenGL or Directx - ... [ View ]

Contact points confuses me - ... [ View ]

Goggles World of Vaporia Free Download - ... [ View ]

RWBY Card Game Battles Its Way Onto Tabletop Simulator - Pop culture seems to be moving faster than what a lot of us can keep up with. For instance, there’s...... [ View ]

Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition Review - While continuously advancing technology has allowed the gaming industry to evolve in spectacular ways, it’s also made for a much more inclusive business. Whereas sizeable ...... [ View ]

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