Diplomat: U.S. Has Milit, Solar Panels From China May Get New U.S. Tariffs and other World news

The world news of 2012-05-18 on Tamugaia - Diplomat: U.S. Has Military Option Ready, If Needed, To Deal With Iran, and Solar Panels From China May Get New U.S. Tariffs.
Diplomat: U.S. Has Military Option Ready, If Needed, To Deal With Iran - President Obama has said "all options are on the table." The U.S. ambassador to Israel said this week that military options are ready, if necessary, but that diplomacy is still the preferred solution.... [ View ]

Solar Panels From China May Get New U.S. Tariffs - The move by the Obama administration comes after finding that Chinese companies are improperly flooding the U.S. market with government-subsidized panels. The tariffs announced Thursday were higher than ex... [ View ]

U.S. Ambassador To Myanmar The First Since 1990 - Relations between Washington, D.C., and the former pariah state, Myanmar continue to warm. On Thursday, the Obama administration named the first full ambassador to Myanmar in more than two decades.... [ View ]

FACEBOOK WILL END ON JULY 15th, 2012! - PALO ALTO, CA –Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be shut down in July of 2012. Managing the site has become too stressful.... [ View ]

EARTH WILL RUN OUT OF NATURAL RESOURCES BY 2015 - Ecologists are warning all citizens of earth... we are running out of natural resources!... [ View ]

STUDY: SUGAR MAKES YOU STUPID! - Too much sugar will make you stupid, according to researchers.... [ View ]

Witnesses to Afghan massacre recount chilling scene - Villagers who witnessed a massacre in southern Afghanistan that killed 17 civilians, including children, describe a chilling scene of screaming, gunfire and barking dogs in which a woman cried that her hus... [ View ]

European leaders add to rising fears of breakup - European officials are playing a dangerous game of chicken with Greece.... [ View ]

Horrors of Srebrenica massacre set out at Mladic trial - Prosecutors in the trial of Ratko Mladic have described five days in the Bosnian enclave of Srebrenica in 1995 when his troops massacred 7,000 unarmed Muslim boys and men.... [ View ]

China abuzz over reported N.Korea boat hijackings - In what appears to be a rare public spat between longtime neighbors and allies, 29 Chinese sailors have been kidnapped in the Yellow Sea by North Koreans, according to Chinese media reports.... [ View ]

Apocalypse Fairly Soon in Europe - Paul Krugman, New York TimesSuddenly, it has become easy to see how the euro — that grand, flawed experiment in monetary union without political union — could come apart at the seams.... [ View ]

In Europe, Time for True Austerity - Veronique de Rugy, Los Angeles TimesTalks to form a coalition government in Greece collapsed again this week as a result of the country's belt-tightening backlash. The country now faces an unpleasant... [ View ]

Europe's Fate, and Obama's, May Ride on G8 - Alexis Simendinger, RCPPresident Obama has a weekend challenge ahead of him: Can he persuade European leaders gathered in the Maryland woods outside Washington, D.C., to adopt the U.S. fiscal example of s... [ View ]

Bain and GST Steel: The True Story - Kimberley Strassel, Wall St. JournalThis week the Obama campaign debuted its attack on Bain Capital, the private-equity firm Mitt Romney founded. Its two-minute ad purports to tell the story of GS Technol... [ View ]

The Real Super PAC Menace - Ed Kilgore, The New RepublicPlenty of liberals and other Americans of good conscience no doubt breathed a sigh of relief when AmeriTrade founder and Chicago Cubs co-owner Joe Ricketts distanced himself ye... [ View ]

Facebook IPO Price: $38 Per Share - ... [ View ]

Justice Breyer Robbed Again - ... [ View ]

Egg Yolk Drip to Treat Infertility? - ... [ View ]

Flesh-Eating Disease Survivors Recount Ordeals - ... [ View ]

Eurozone crisis live: Greek and Spanish fears hit markets again - ... [ View ]

Barack Obama tells EU: boost growth now or face a global crisis - ... [ View ]

Search for fishing boat missing off Dorset coast - ... [ View ]

Ratko Mladic war crimes trial plunged into confusion - ... [ View ]

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