Diehard Miniatures: Oldh, Queen’s Necklace Release Date Announced and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2015-11-05 on Tamugaia - Diehard Miniatures: Oldhammer Reborn Kickstarter has been Restarted, and Queen’s Necklace Release Date Announced.
Diehard Miniatures: Oldhammer Reborn Kickstarter has been Restarted - I honestly don’t like to see Kickstarter campaigns fail. I know what sort of work and effort goes into making one and putting it out there for people to see. It’s not easy. And it’s sort... [ View ]

Queen’s Necklace Release Date Announced - Shiny rocks. It’s amazing how much of our history is based on people looking for shiny rocks and trading them back and forth. And let’s face it, we love wearing shiny rocks. We love looking at... [ View ]

Be Legend – Ragnarok Board Game Up On Kickstarter - Be Legend – Ragnarok is a new board game that’s up on Kickstarter and looking for some funding love. The game draws from Norse mythology (with further expansions planned to bring in other mytho... [ View ]

Zombicide Ultimate Survivors #2 Pre-Order Live For A Limited Time - Fighting zombies isn’t easy. There seems to be a never-ending wave of them and eventually you’re gonna run out of bullets. Fighting them makes one tough. And the heroes from the first Zombicide... [ View ]

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