Delusion Puzzle, Gunball 2: Emperors Revenge and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2011-11-29 on Tamugaia - Delusion Puzzle, and Gunball 2: Emperors Revenge.
Delusion Puzzle - In the puzzle game Delusion Puzzle your goal is to get teh play board full of square tiles. Make sure to remove all the round ones and get as much points as possible to set the highest score.... [ View ]

Gunball 2: Emperors Revenge - In the shooting game RPG Gunball 2: Emperors Revenge your goal is to defeat the evil king and his army. Fight battles in each level and collect the coins to buy skills and upgrades.... [ View ]

Turkey Slice - In the physics based puzzle game Turkey Slice your goal is to cut through items in each level to crush the angry turkeys. Make sure the babies stay alive.... [ View ]

Dummy Never Fails 2 - in the strategy game Dummy Never Fails 2 your goal is to get the dummie at the target spot using a canon. You can change gravity in some levels to reach the target. Make sure the dummie recieves as less d... [ View ]

Coaster Destroyer - In the arcade game Coaster Destroyer your goal is to destroy the roller coaster in each level. Use bombs and other devices to clear all levels from the coaster.... [ View ]

Sony Station Game Card – Buy Sony PlayStation Games Accessories - Sony Entertainment Company has achieved wide popularity for its Play station games worldwide. Sony Online Entertainment’s online game cards offer opportunities to children of all ages to explore and... [ View ]

Need for Speed The Run – The Latest Racing Video Game Entrant - The latest entrant in the racing video games is the new video game “Need for Speed The Run”. This game is referred to as “The Run” as it represents an illicit racing with high stakes all around the... [ View ]

Black Friday Sale, 10-25% OFF - Black Friday Savings on Now! iTunes $50 Gift Card Coupon Code: TUNESAVE15 Discount: 15% Playstation Network $50 Card Coupon Code: PSNSAVE10 Discount: 10%     Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership Cou... [ View ]

Rixty Prepaid Card- Purchase Your Favorite Weapons - Taking into consideration of finding ways how to fulfill the right key in the game would be very welcomed in a play. Such that various research now about games, settles the problems of common lacks regardi... [ View ]

OneCard Intellectual Games - Playing OneCard games all by you are said to be boring and not so entertaining but those are just muffled words with no proof and that it is true. One person card games such as solitaire needs sufficient a... [ View ]

The Man Behind Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and The Last Guardian - An in-depth look at Fumito Ueda's career via multiple interviews, rare trivia, concept art, and a visit to Team Ico's office.... [ View ]

If a Final Fantasy VII Remake Ever Happens, Changes Could be Made - Yoshinori Kitase wouldn't want to leave things just as they were.... [ View ]

Skyrim Patch Now Out on PS3; 360 and PC Following Soon - PS3 gamers won't have to worry anymore about lag stemming from large save game files.... [ View ]

Rainbow 6 Patriots Unsettles by Having You Play as a Suicide Bomber - Perspective shifts, domestic terrorism, and shades of Heavy Rain and PlayStation Home are all present in this upcoming Rainbow 6 installment.... [ View ]

Sly Cooper HD and Darkstalkers for PSOne hitting PSN tomorrow - ... [ View ]

Final Fantasy XIII-2: New screens feature combat, quests and explosive sitting-down action - ... [ View ]

Battlefield 3 now banned in Iran - ... [ View ]

Skyrim PS3 patch out today, comes to 360 and PC this Wednesday - ... [ View ]

Valve gifts Notch a Team Fortress 2 hat of his pixelated head - ... [ View ]

Fort defender - Game released by Objectsol Technologies Pvt. Ltd - Slice the Fish - is a fun game constructed with superlative graphics and hunk of entertainments. While playing the game you should be alert enough to slice the fishes jumping out from the water in a regula... [ View ]

TeePee Games Top 10 Weekly Chart - Racing Game Car Town overtakes MMO Monkey Quest in the TeePee Games Top 10 Weekly Chart.... [ View ]

GamePric.es Launches Free Service to Help Shoppers Save Money on Video Games This Holiday Season - GamePric.es is a new, free service that helps shoppers find the lowest price on popular games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and Batman: Arkham City with discounts as much as 25% off... [ View ]

Live Action Half-Life is the Next Best Thing to an Actual Half-Life Movie - ... [ View ]

Editorial: Sony Has Already Killed the PlayStation Vita - ... [ View ]

Video Game Industry Revenue Expected to Grow to $72.1 Billion by 2015 - ... [ View ]

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