Death toll in New York C, Japan hit by 6.3-magnitude earthquake and other World news

The world news of 2014-03-14 on Tamugaia - Death toll in New York City gas explosion climbs to eight, and Japan hit by 6.3-magnitude earthquake.
Death toll in New York City gas explosion climbs to eight - Search and rescue effort continues at site of explosion that destroyed two five-story apartment buildings in Harlem, as an eighth body is discovered in the rubble... [ View ]

Japan hit by 6.3-magnitude earthquake - Earthquake off southern Japanese damages buildings and injures at least 17 people but no fatalities reported... [ View ]

Plane crashes on take-off at Philadelphia Airport due to mechanical failure - All passengers safely evacuated on runway of Philadelphia Airport after pilot aborts take-off when front landing gear fails... [ View ]

Malaysia Airlines jet: US says search may be extended to Indian ocean - White House Press Secretary Jay Carney says that the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner may extend to the Indian Ocean... [ View ]

A Farewell To Carrot Cake (And Other Things Lost Without World War I) - ... [ View ]

Where Does The U.S. Stand On Secessionist Movements Abroad? - In an upcoming referendum, Crimean voters will decide whether to declare independence from Ukraine. Jonathan Paquin has studied U.S. stances on breakaway groups, and he explains what to watch for.... [ View ]

Three dead in China knife attack - Attackers armed with knives have killed at least three people in central China, but an official ruled out terrorism.... [ View ]

236 towers to reshape London skyline - More than 230 new towers are planned to sprout in central London in a radical transformation of the skyline.... [ View ]

US man in body bag wakes up after 2 weeks - Two weeks after being found alive in body bag, a 78-year-old US man has died at his home.... [ View ]

80% of Colombian drugs gets to US - A US General says he lacks the resources to get drug traffickers, letting 80% of Colombian drugs get into the US.... [ View ]

Syria parliament approves new election law - The Syrian assembly has passed a new election law that allows multiple candidates to run for president.... [ View ]

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