Darkness 2 Executions To, Prototype 2 Best Buy Pre-order Bonus Detailed and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2012-01-29 on Tamugaia - Darkness 2 Executions Torn Apart Trailer, and Prototype 2 Best Buy Pre-order Bonus Detailed.
Darkness 2 Executions Torn Apart Trailer - ... [ View ]

Prototype 2 Best Buy Pre-order Bonus Detailed - ... [ View ]

NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe Reveals Plans for Three Premium DLC Packs This February - ... [ View ]

Mass Effect 3: Saving the galaxy with friends - ... [ View ]

New DiRT: Showdown trailer makes a big impact - ... [ View ]

Mountain Crime - ... [ View ]

Sony reveals special $300 bundle for the PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi model - ... [ View ]

Nintendo Network: better late then never - ... [ View ]

Turtle Beach Amplifies the Gaming Experience - CES 2012 Interview - ... [ View ]

The Indie Effect: How Ortus Will Change the Online RPG - ... [ View ]

The Making of Oddworld Strangers Wrath HD - ... [ View ]

UZW preview // Resident Evil Revelations demo - Unlimited Zig Works writes: "The Revelations demo showed me an unimpressive but competent return to the older style of Evil, where ammo conservation actually matters, and some enemies must be spared to sav... [ View ]

In Other News – 27 January 2012 Weekend Edition - ... [ View ]

Lazygamer TV – The most overlooked games of 2011 - ... [ View ]

The Witcher 2 on Xbox gets a release date and a spiffy new intro - ... [ View ]

Infinity Ward fixing Elite’s DLC lock - ... [ View ]

Zombie Bush Whacker - Action Games, Play Free Zombie Bush Whacker Online Now - In this Zombie Bush Whacker, player has to attack on zombies and kill them. Player can get maximum score as more zombies are killed. There are ninety-nine levels to enjoy this game. Player also can collect... [ View ]

Where is Big Foot - Action Games, Play Free Where is Big Foot Online Now - The main goal of the Where is Big Foot game is to capture photos of big foot. Player has to use best strategy to survive long time and get big score. If player fails to capture more photos, game ends. It h... [ View ]

Crow Hunter - Puzzles Games, Play Free Crow Hunter Online Now - Crow Hunter is very interesting game, here player has to shoot crows one by one. Player can get maximum score as more crows are hunted. Player has to take perfect aim and then shoot to kill crows. Now play... [ View ]

Dungeon Faller - Action Games, Play Free Dungeon Faller Online Now - The Dungeon Faller is unique game, here player has to help hero to survive as he falls from top and goes down. Player has to give platform every time for balance. Player has also to avoid monsters. If hero... [ View ]

Hit The Troll - Puzzles Games, Play Free Hit The Troll Online Now - Get ready to play strategic game Hit The Troll. Here player has to use best plan to hit the shapes. Player has to take aim and release one ball from provided three weight, explosions and elasticity balls.... [ View ]

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