DOTA 2 Will Be Adding a , Dota 2 is getting a co-op story campaign and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2017-05-05 on Tamugaia - DOTA 2 Will Be Adding a Co-op Campaign Mode., and Dota 2 is getting a co-op story campaign.
DOTA 2 Will Be Adding a Co-op Campaign Mode. - ... [ View ]

Dota 2 is getting a co-op story campaign - ... [ View ]

Conservatives make gains as votes counted in England, Wales and Scotland – live - Tories win West of England mayoraltyLabour pushed back in English and Welsh local electionsUkip faces wipeout with no seats won so farScotland counting starts Friday 9amLive results tracker: local and mayo... [ View ]

Offensive Heal chip in NieR Automata location? - ... [ View ]

Where do you find the Last Stand chip in NieR Automata? - ... [ View ]

Rayguns and Rocketships at KingdomCon - Someday I hope to get out to Ross “The Legend” Thompson’s KingdomCon. It sounds like a good time had by one and all. One of the things that went on was the first public spin for Rayguns &... [ View ]

Ironwatch Issue 57 Now Available - Time once more to fill up your day with some extra gaming content. The folks over at Ironwatch have their latest issue (#57, for those keeping track at home) available for your downloading and reading plea... [ View ]

Gridiron PowerRun On Indiegogo - The NFL Draft was held recently. Lots of people are excited about the upcoming season. Many of those people are also gamers. If you want to have another tabletop football game, check out Gridiron PowerRun.... [ View ]

Fantasy Flight Games Posts New Preview From Fully Operational Star Wars Sourcebook - I love to take things apart and put them back together (or, try to put them back together, anyway). There are just some people who love to tinker with gadgets and try and come up with something better, or... [ View ]

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