[D3D12] Separate Clear l, Recast navmesh with horrible building speed and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2015-08-12 on Tamugaia - [D3D12] Separate Clear list?, and Recast navmesh with horrible building speed.
[D3D12] Separate Clear list? - ... [ View ]

Recast navmesh with horrible building speed - ... [ View ]

Unity 5 2D collisions - ... [ View ]

Resources to learn setting up a gameserver - ... [ View ]

PI or not to PI ? - ... [ View ]

Deus Ex Mankind Divided is testing your feels - The latest Deus Ex game seems to be interested in getting a handle on your feelings when dealing with complex themes in that game, and it has a plan to do so.... [ View ]

Same-sex marriage and emissions target debates dominate parliament – politics live - The Coalition tries to move past a six-hour party room debate which resolved against allowing a conscience vote. Half the frontbench opposed the prime minister’s position. All the developments from Canbe... [ View ]

Master of Orion Reboot - Developer Diaries #1 - ... [ View ]

Could Super Meat Boy 2 Be Happening After All? - ... [ View ]

What would you do with 100 untraceable bullets? - Tom Hardy Could Star in Film Adaption of Gritty Crime Comic 100 Bullets The crime saga is part of DC’s Vertigo line More info  ... [ View ]

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