Could intelligent aliens, Baby mammoth remains found in Arctic and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-08-25 on Tamugaia - Could intelligent aliens be a threat ?, and Baby mammoth remains found in Arctic.
Could intelligent aliens be a threat ? - Astronomers have been quick to point out lately that contact with aliens could lead to our destruction. Some argue that far from being the enlightened...... [ View ]

Baby mammoth remains found in Arctic - The preserved remains of an infant mammoth have been discovered by a Russian reindeer herder. Its the second time a well preserved mammoth has been fo...... [ View ]

Mars soil more suitable for life than thought - Scientists have found that the soil on Mars may be a lot more suitable for life than previously believed. Far from being completely incapable of susta...... [ View ]

WikiLeaks: Ma sees Taiwan-China political talks – Newsday (subscription) - WikiLeaks: Ma sees Taiwan-China political talksNewsday (subscription)Click here WikiLeaks: Ma sees Taiwan-China political talks Originally published: August 25, 2011 12:51 AM Updated: August 25, 2011 1:20... [ View ]

‘Square’ UFO low flying over California witness - A California witness reports a silent, square-shaped object about 500 feet overhead moving in a northwest direction, according to August 24, 2011, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness repo... [ View ]

Delaware family reports UFO encounter – Canadian National Newspaper - Canadian National Newspaper Delaware family reports UFO encounterCanadian National NewspaperA Delaware couple reports having a UFO sighting followed by two family members who had separate incidents where t... [ View ]

America’s Hauntings: The White House - Take an in depth look at the most haunted house in America–the White House. Said to haunt there are the ghosts of Abraham Lincoln, AbigailContinue Reading »... [ View ]

Psychic James Van Praagh Gets $1 Million Offer To Prove Mental Powers - Self-proclaimed psychic James Van Praagh has certainly done well for himself through doing readings, writing books about the psychic world and helping to create theContinue Reading »... [ View ]

‘Witch’ flies off – New York Post - ABC News 'Witch' flies offNew York PostFormer Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell — who once admitted she "dabbled in witchcraft" — walked out ofContinu... [ View ]

Oldest Antarctic “Sea Monster” Found – National Geographic - National Geographic Oldest Antarctic "Sea Monster" FoundNational GeographicThe animals had a range of different sizes and features, but mostly shared small heads, long necks, andContinue Reading &... [ View ]

White Man, Visions, And Whispers - ... [ View ]

Not Welcome At Hotel St. Marie - ... [ View ]

A Dark Thing, Wish I Knew What It Was - ... [ View ]

Ghost Impersonator - Last night my best friend and I fell asleep in my room after a long night at the gym. At about 5 in the morning I got up to move to the room down the hall while my friend was still asleep. About 5 minutes... [ View ]

Touched...by What? - My story is very brief and it happened a few years ago. My uncle and his family who had been living with us for a couple of years, just bought a two story house in Ewa. The story was that a family of 4 liv... [ View ]

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