Congress's Monstrou, 111th Congress Was One for the Books and other World news

The world news of 2010-12-25 on Tamugaia - Congress's Monstrous Legal Legacy, and 111th Congress Was One for the Books.
Congress's Monstrous Legal Legacy - Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street JournalThe historians will long be fighting over the legislative legacy of the 111th Congress. As to its legal legacy, the only real question is whether this just-finishe... [ View ]

111th Congress Was One for the Books - Ron Brownstein, National JournalThis month's final flurry of legislative successes for President Obama and the Democratic Congress underscores the difficulty of rendering a single verdict on their tu... [ View ]

Was Health Care Reform Celebration Premature? - Kate Pickert, TimeIt was the ultimate Christmas Eve present for Barack Obama. Around 7 a.m. one year ago today, every Democratic senator in office - 60 in all - voted in favor of enacting comprehensive... [ View ]

Health Care and the Limits of Govt - Thomas McClanahan, Minneapolis S-TThe recent court decision striking down the linchpin provision of the health care bill is a reminder that what's at stake is larger than the future of Obamacare. I... [ View ]

The Humbug Express - Paul Krugman, New York TimesHey, has anyone noticed that "A Christmas Carol" is a dangerous leftist tract? I mean, consider the scene, early in the book, where Ebenezer Scrooge rightly refuses... [ View ]

Belarus President Re-Elected, Others Cry Fraud - The authoritarian leader was declared the winner of an election condemned by international monitors and his challengers, as police rounded up carol-singing protesters near the prison where most of the c... [ View ]

Modern Japan Hopes Ancient Abacus Aids Academics - Japan once prided itself on world-class academic achievement. Now, schools there are under fire for easing standards. Among the reforms being considered, some schools are finding a new use for a tool from... [ View ]

New START: The U.S.-Russian reset gets a booster shot? - The U.S.-Russian reset policy was certainly beefed up by the Senate’s ratification of the New START treaty on December 22. But does this injection of anabolic steroids actually serve to undermine it or t... [ View ]

Dmitry Medvedev: We must listen to the people’s voice - President Dmitry Medvedev summed up this year’s results in a live television broadcast. As in the previous years, he talked with the heads of Russia’s three major TV networks: Channel One, Rossiya and... [ View ]

Russian Press - Behind the Headlines, December 24 - The country is falling apart: a housewife’s verdict /Kazakh President gets ticket to rule /Drugs kill over 100,000 Russians each year... [ View ]

Musings of a Russophile: Good sisters make good families – usually - I have heard it said, “Helping a Russian is like trying to help a drowning man who won’t give you his hand.” At times, my experience has proven that a truism, but it is such a pleasure to see the goo... [ View ]

Transmissions from a Lone Star: For instant Christmas spirit, blow here - Four years ago, I spent Christmas in Texas for the first time. Shortly beforehand I’d been driving around in the desert out West, and I have vivid memories of the return journey which, late at night, bro... [ View ]

Cuba publishes leaked U.S. documents - ... [ View ]

Christians around the world celebrate Christmas - ... [ View ]

Leonardo takes over as Inter boss - ... [ View ]

Season for Jews, Christians and Muslims to Look Back at 2010 - When looking at the Middle East in recent years, there are far more examples of religion dividing us than bringing us together, begging a reminder of our common values.... [ View ]

Isolation and Engagement: Terrorism and American Muslims - Although recent terrorism attempts on American soil have failed, an adjusted approach to the Muslim community and religious extremism is needed, one that starts with distinguishing between the two.... [ View ]

Travelers Hit the Road, Brace for Winter Weather - ... [ View ]

Giving Away Christmas Trees to the Needy - ... [ View ]

Christmas Eve Shopping Rush a Gift to Retailers - ... [ View ]

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