Claims Brit Soldier Kill, Hundreds Protest Casey Anthony Jail Release and other World news

The world news of 2011-07-18 on Tamugaia - Claims Brit Soldier Killed By Afghan Army Member, and Hundreds Protest Casey Anthony Jail Release.
Claims Brit Soldier Killed By Afghan Army Member - Reports that a British soldier killed on Saturday in Helmand Province was shot by a member of the Afghan army are being investigated.... [ View ]

Hundreds Protest Casey Anthony Jail Release - A mother cleared of killing her two-year-old daughter in America has been released from prison three years and a day after she was first arrested.... [ View ]

Obama, aides warn of Armageddon if debt talks fail - ... [ View ]

Two cops killed, 7 injured in Chechnya blast - ... [ View ]

Rebekah Brooks released on bail - ... [ View ]

Hospital denies Mubarak slipping into coma - ... [ View ]

Bahamas under tropical storm watch - ... [ View ]

London police chief resigns amid scandal - ... [ View ]

Gunmen kill Karzai adviser, lawmaker - ... [ View ]

Tunisian police fire in air to disperse rioters - Tunisian police fired into the air to disperse rioters in the capital early on Sunday, and were attacked by crowds throwing petrol bombs in another city, in the most violent clashes yet involving Islamists... [ View ]

Lost US love letter delivered 53 years late - The long-lost love letter to a US college student is on its way to him after a delay of more than 50 years.... [ View ]

What Carmageddon? Los Angeles freeway reopens ahead of schedule - The event that many feared would be the "Carmageddon" of epic traffic jams cruised calmly to a finish on Sunday, with bridge work on the Los Angeles roadway completed nearly a full day ahead of schedule an... [ View ]

Tea party debt plan to go to vote in House - ... [ View ]

Pope, British call for more Somalia famine aid - ... [ View ]

Casey Anthony keeping out of sight post-jail - ... [ View ]

"Silver or Lead" in Mexico: Bribes or death - ... [ View ]

A reason to celebrate in quake-stricken Japan - ... [ View ]

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