Chrome 19 beta syncs tab, I traded iPhone 4 for Lumia 900 and other Internet news

The internet news of 2012-04-11 on Tamugaia - Chrome 19 beta syncs tabs everywhere -- get it now!, and I traded iPhone 4 for Lumia 900.
Chrome 19 beta syncs tabs everywhere -- get it now! - Most of us now use at least two devices to connect to the Internet and while this freedom of connectivity is great in many respects, there are also problems associated with it. One of the most infuriating... [ View ]

I traded iPhone 4 for Lumia 900 - I recently purchased the much-hyped Nokia Lumia 900 and no longer have cellular service on my iPhone 4 and this is my story. (VH-1’s "Behind the Music" dramatic sound effects here). Reason for switching:... [ View ]

SAP moves to acquire mobile enterprise app maker Syclo - Enterprise software company SAP on Tuesday announced it plans to expand its presence in mobile applications by acquiring enterprise app developer Syclo for an undisclosed sum. Syclo provides field service... [ View ]

Did you buy Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone? - I just have to ask, because your first impressions will matter to other possible buyers. Colleague Tim Conneally reviewed Lumia 900, but good as that is we need more. I want your review, too. AT&T sta... [ View ]

The Internet In 2020 [Infographic] - The Internet is growing at such a extreme pace that you will see many changes by 2020. But what could be those changes? That’s what Visual.ly has illustrated in the following Infographic. Do comment... [ View ]

Miniature Life - Plastic Life is a project of Vincent Bouserez, he was born in 1973 and currently living in Paris. Plastic Life is series of photographs contain hyper-realistic miniature characters at the height of 2 cm, m... [ View ]

5 Free Ebooks to Learn Photography - To learn digital photography you need 8 essential photography e-books but those are paid ones. I have found many interesting free ebooks on photography which for sure shine your photography skills. This eb... [ View ]

4 Best Flash Game Development Ebooks [Kindle Edition] - There was a time when i wanted to learn ActionScript and Flash game development, even created many roundups of free Flash game development tutorials and premium tutorials with source code. As quite good pe... [ View ]

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