Cat Spirit In Our Bedroo, Ft.Worth Skycam Captures Something in the Sky (About) and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-08-12 on Tamugaia - Cat Spirit In Our Bedroom, and Ft.Worth Skycam Captures Something in the Sky (About).
Cat Spirit In Our Bedroom - We have a Bengal Cross kitten who is 7 months old and she has always been very happy to sleep with my fianc and I at night (either on the bed or inside her cathouse), but for the last two weeks she refuse... [ View ]

Ft.Worth Skycam Captures Something in the Sky (About) - ... [ View ]

Unnerving Phone Calls - ... [ View ]

Haunting In A Brand New Home - ... [ View ]

New Environment, New Bedroom - ... [ View ]

The Forlorn Messenger - ... [ View ]

Unsolved Mysteries - Nevada Haunting - ... [ View ]

Hypersonic aircraft to fly at 13,000mph - The US military are to launch a test flight of a new experimental hypersonic unmanned aircraft. The Falcon HTV-2 is capable of reaching anywhere on Ea...... [ View ]

DNA building blocks found in meteorites - Scientists have confirmed that components of DNA have been found in meteorites from space. The discovery significantly forwards the idea that the buil...... [ View ]

Did Marco Polo really go to China ? - Archeologists believe famed explorer Marco Polo may have never actually travelled to China at all. Famed for his travels around the world in the 13th ...... [ View ]

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