Can gold maintain its gl, Which companies drove you crazy in 2010? and other Economy news

The economy news of 2010-12-02 on Tamugaia - Can gold maintain its glister next year?, and Which companies drove you crazy in 2010?.
Can gold maintain its glister next year? - In uncertain economic times, investors are always lured by the supposed security of gold. But will it be booming in 2011?... [ View ]

Which companies drove you crazy in 2010? - Fed up with being fobbed off? Vote for the organisations you think provide the worst customer service in Britain in our Wooden Spoon Awards... [ View ]

House prices fall to same level as last year - House prices fell again last month taking prices to within touching distance of their level of a year ago, the Nationwide has reported... [ View ]

AUD/USD rallied quickly above 0.9600 - ... [ View ]

Australia: Trade Balance results into a surplus of AUD 2,625 million in October - ... [ View ]

Forex: Aussie reacts south on unexpected sales drop - ... [ View ]

Australia: Retail Sales drop 1.1% in October 2010 - ... [ View ]

NY Session: Dollar Softer as Risk Rallies - Today saw a reversal in the recent sell off in risk as U.S. economic data came in with a positive tone and markets speculated on further action to stem the Euro zone debt crisis. Overall, we feel that the... [ View ]

US Economy Is Improving, Yet Many Challenges Remain - This BB will should be well received by the Fed heading into their next meeting on December 14th as it signals that improvements are underway across much of the economy. However, the BB shows little to no... [ View ]

GBPUSD: Challenges 1.5648 Level On Corrective Attempt - Having printed a rejection candle on Tuesday and followed through higher today, GBP may have triggered a correction of its recent weakness. However, its broken support at the 1.5648 level is now reversing... [ View ]

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