Call the Exterminator: C, Bullish Analyst Chatter Didn’t Move Marijuana ETF and other Economy news

The economy news of 2019-04-20 on Tamugaia - Call the Exterminator: Chuck E. Cheese Is Back, and Bullish Analyst Chatter Didn’t Move Marijuana ETF.
Call the Exterminator: Chuck E. Cheese Is Back - Whether your memories of the Chuck are of fond wonder or underwhelming grime, you should probably stay away from the IPO.... [ View ]

Bullish Analyst Chatter Didn’t Move Marijuana ETF - This article was originally published on ETFTrends.com.... [ View ]

London police move in to clear climate protesters - Hundreds of officers intervene at Oxford Circus after activists fail to blockade Heathrow... [ View ]

UK bakeries count on Easter treats to boost growth - Suppliers under pressure from vegan trend and supermarket price cuts... [ View ]

Congress must now pick up Mueller’s lead - But US voters should be final arbiter of Trump’s guilt or innocence... [ View ]

Democrats subpoena unredacted Mueller report - Trump angrily denounces special counsel as lawmakers prepare for fresh probes... [ View ]

South Africa reveals $355m Eskom emergency bailout - Treasury forced to prevent debt default at power monopoly after China loan delay... [ View ]

Economic strategy divergence - Policies move out of sync across major economies... [ View ]

Lure of ‘melt-up’ trade leaves holdouts in tough spot - Double-digit gains for equities heap pressure on money sitting on the sidelines... [ View ]

Illuminating Big Data will leave governments in the dark - Private firms such as hedge funds are benefiting most from mining ‘alternative’ stats... [ View ]

Week ahead: US GDP, earnings, Turkey - ... [ View ]

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