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The internet news of 2018-09-13 on Tamugaia - Buy your fashion apparel here and support American small business rather than Amazon, and birdegreetings.
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Evacuate or stay? For nursing homes in storm's path, decision isn't easy - "You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t," said a researcher who found evacuating increases the likelihood of death 90 days after a storm.... [ View ]

'Disaster is at the doorstep': Florence could bring 24 hours of hurricane conditions - "This is going to be a Mike Tyson punch to the Carolina coast," a FEMA official said Wednesday.... [ View ]

Still recovering from Hurricane Katrina: Residents say Brad Pitt’s non-profit failed them - After Hurricane Katrina, Brad Pitt started Make It Right, a non-profit organization which built homes in the Lower 9th Ward. In 2011, Kamaria Allen bought one of those homes but moved out less than a year... [ View ]

Six dead in California shooting spree - Gunman and his wife were among the dead, and there may be a connection between him and the other victims, authorities said.... [ View ]

Reddit bans Qanon subreddits after months of violent threats - Reddit was key to Qanon’s emergence from the fringe corners of the internet and into more mainstream conspiracy and far-right media circles.... [ View ]

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