Burrows criss-crossed pr, Woman finds tarantula in her shopping and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-09-21 on Tamugaia - Burrows criss-crossed pre-dinosaur world, and Woman finds tarantula in her shopping.
Burrows criss-crossed pre-dinosaur world - Subterranean animals dug vast networks of warrens long before the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Evidence unearthed in Morocco suggests the prehistoric u...... [ View ]

Woman finds tarantula in her shopping - A woman who ordered goods online was shocked to discover a tarantula at the bottom of the box. The enormous arachnid was taken to a local zoo where ex...... [ View ]

PARANORMAL NEWS: Nessie on Sonar, Zombie Skeletons, Vampire Nic Cage - ... [ View ]

Sep 20, The Old Book - Well, I was in the local library and I got a bit bored. It was pouring down rain and I wasn't walking home in that! So I went down the oldest aisle where... [ View ]

UFO Sighting of the Week - UFO Reported over Tockwith, UK - This is not a very romantic report as a man spotted a UFO over his house as he took his trash out. On July 29, he saw what he claimed ...... [ View ]

Some Recent News - I have been a little under the weather lately, but now am back in full force. There have been two notable entries in Ufology lately that I missed sharing with ...... [ View ]

Wisconsin Family Reports UFO - On July 26, 2011, a family in Wisconsin was leaving a meeting at their church. As they were walking to their car, one of the children saw something unusual in ...... [ View ]

Dark Twin of Earth in Sky and Planet X Near Sun - ... [ View ]

Alien ET Galactic Federation Alliance with Andromeda Galaxy - ... [ View ]

Cattle Mutilation in Misiones Argentina - ... [ View ]

Twin Objects Observed Friday Sept.16,2011 - ... [ View ]

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