Building collapses in In, South Korea report two missiles fired in to its waters by North Korea and other World news

The world news of 2014-06-29 on Tamugaia - Building collapses in India kill at least 19 and trap dozens more, and South Korea report two missiles fired in to its waters by North Korea.
Building collapses in India kill at least 19 and trap dozens more - Attempts to find survivors on the rumble continues after a 12-story apartment block workers were building collapsed in stormy weather in Chennai, on the same day another block caved in in an area of New De... [ View ]

South Korea report two missiles fired in to its waters by North Korea - North Korea fired without designating no-sail zones, an act viewed as highly provocative by the South Korean military, as local media report the projectiles appeared to be Scud missiles... [ View ]

All the President's Enablers - Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street JournalCongressional Democrats profess themselves scandalized that Speaker John Boehner will sue President Obama on behalf of the House. The only scandal is that congressio... [ View ]

The Survivor: How Holder Outlasted His Critics - Glenn Thrush, PoliticoFor most of Obama’s presidency, in fact, if there’s been controversy, Holder was likely to be in the middle of it, from the failed efforts to close Guantánamo... [ View ]

Climate: Will We Lose the Endgame? - Bill McKibben, NY Review of BooksWe may be entering the high-stakes endgame on climate change. The pieces—technological and perhaps political—are finally in place for rapid, powerful action to... [ View ]

Greenhouse Gasbags - Kevin Williamson, National ReviewThe Environmental Protection Agency has won a victory at the Supreme Court, with a solid majority of the justices, including Antonin Scalia and John Roberts, signing off o... [ View ]

Report: 88 percent of new electrical capacity from renewables in May 2014 - While Germany has been working toward generating more of its electricity from renewable sources, ensuring its political and economic stability, many in the US have questioned the ability of the country to... [ View ]

8.5-Months Pregnant Runner Completes 800-Meter Race - Alysia Montano, 28, is a five-time national champion.... [ View ]

Why Supreme Court Ruling Sends Abortion Rights Groups Back to the Drawing Board - Back in January, Chief Justice John Roberts did not ask one question during oral arguments in a case concerning whether a Massachusetts law that provides a 35-foot buffer zone around the entrances of abort... [ View ]

GoPro Goes Public: Camera Maker up 30 Percent - Shares of sports camera maker GoPro jump nearly 30 percent in stock market debut... [ View ]

Drugs, Alcohol Send Boston Concertgoers to Hospital - Dozens of teen concertgoers were hospitalized following an electronic dance music show at Boston’s TD Garden arena Wednesday, many suffering from a combination of heat and alcohol.... [ View ]

NKorea fires two missiles - 10:15 AM... [ View ]

Australian on death row in Vietnam - 28 Jun 2014... [ View ]

US jury issues $US55m Honda verdict - 28 Jun 2014... [ View ]

Panama judge acquits North Korean crew - 28 Jun 2014... [ View ]

US says Mexican helicopter crossed border - 28 Jun 2014... [ View ]

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