Bomb plot leak worries s, US students die in New Zealand crash and other World news

The world news of 2012-05-12 on Tamugaia - Bomb plot leak worries security experts, and US students die in New Zealand crash.
Bomb plot leak worries security experts - Counter-terrorism experts have expressed concern over US leaks about an undercover operation that foiled a suicide bomb plot, saying this may deter agents from volunteering for jobs.... [ View ]

US students die in New Zealand crash - Three Boston University students who were studying in New Zealand have been killed after their minivan crashed.... [ View ]

US resumes arms sales to Bahrain - The US has partially resuming sales of military supplies Bahrain after having frozen the shipments last year after the Arab state cracked down on human rights protesters.... [ View ]

Ratko Mladic seeks to delay trial by calling on judge to be dropped - Ratko Mladic appealed to the president of the Yugoslav war crimes tribunal to disqualify the presiding judge in his trial, accusing him of bias, and to postpone the trial scheduled to start next week.... [ View ]

Texas reporter sacked for being part time stripper - A newspaper reporter who was sacked after another publication reported that she worked part-time as a stripper has filed a complaint against her former employer, claiming sexual discrimination.... [ View ]

Hawaiian Surfer Sets New World Record - A Hawaiian surfer has set a new world record for the largest wave ever ridden.... [ View ]

Underwear Bomb Plot Agent Had UK Links - ... [ View ]

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