Boeing issues operationa, Prince Charles: This is the kind of King I will be and other World news

The world news of 2018-11-09 on Tamugaia - Boeing issues operational guidance after Lion Air crash, and Prince Charles: This is the kind of King I will be.
Boeing issues operational guidance after Lion Air crash - ... [ View ]

Prince Charles: This is the kind of King I will be - ... [ View ]

12 killed in shooting at California bar full of college students - ... [ View ]

What we know about suspect in mass shooting at California bar - ... [ View ]

After Election Draw, How Will Trump & Dems Move Forward? - Conrad Black, Natl PostThe Democrats have won enough to deal from some strength with the president, and he has conserved enough to do the same with them... [ View ]

The Really Crazy Times Are Just Beginning - Susan Glasser, The New YorkerA member of the White House staff reaches for the microphone held by Jim Acosta, of CNN, at a press conference with President Trump the day after the midterms.... [ View ]

Reasons to be Excited About the Midterm Rainbow Wave - Van Jones, CNNIn this election, we witnessed the end of two years of one-party rule and the beginning of a new Democratic Party: younger, browner, cooler; with more women, more veterans and the ability to... [ View ]

Six Takeaways From the 2018 Midterms - Sean Trende, RealClearPoliticsOverall, Republicans had a tough night Tuesday. When all is said and done, Democrats look to have gained around 35 seats in the House, seven governorships and over 330 state... [ View ]

Expert analysis: White House shared 'manipulated' footage of CNN altercation with intern - ... [ View ]

Lest we forget: First World War centenary commemorations, in pictures  - ... [ View ]

Moscow names city square after Kim Philby to honour British defector  - ... [ View ]

Idlib peace deal under threat, warns head of White Helmets - ... [ View ]

Trump expects Kim summit early next year as he plays down Pompeo's abruptly cancelled meetings - ... [ View ]

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