Black Magic Destroys Liv, An Odd Happening In Florence, Italy and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2018-06-20 on Tamugaia - Black Magic Destroys Lives, and An Odd Happening In Florence, Italy.
Black Magic Destroys Lives - ... [ View ]

An Odd Happening In Florence, Italy - In 2005 my oldest daughter was living in Florence while attending college at Kent State. She was there doing arts and fashion classes and lived there for about 6 months. My wife and I and my youngest daugh... [ View ]

Medieval Hotel - ... [ View ]

17.24 – MU Plus+ Podcast - Disappearing in a modern society isn’t an easy task, yet the evaporated people of Japan known as the “Johatsu” go to extreme lengths to do just that. On this episode we follow the work of... [ View ]

New Theory Blames Ghosts for Mysterious Dog Suicide Bridge - The Overtoun Bridge spans the Overtoun Burn (stream) in the village of Milton near Dumbarton in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland. Above the bridge is Overtoun House, a stately 19th-century country house which... [ View ]

The Bizarre Nameless Thing of Berkeley Square - There are cases out there in the realm of the paranormal that are really hard to classify. It is sometimes difficult to ascertain if we are dealing with a supposed ghost, a mysterious lifeforms of some sor... [ View ]

NASA Scientists Want to Send Manned Airships to Venus - In our ongoing search for life elsewhere in the solar system, Venus has become one of the prime candidates. Scientists have observed strange dark streaks in the Venusian atmosphere which seem to change sha... [ View ]

Man Rises From Tomb After 3 Days (No, Not THAT One) - A man in Tasmania was buried alive in a tomb underneath a busy street with no food and emerged three days later seemingly none worse for the wear. Before you start screaming about blasphemy, he had a noble... [ View ]

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