Before September 11th: A, Russia Attempts to Bring Koreas Together and other World news

The world news of 2011-09-16 on Tamugaia - Before September 11th: Air France Flight 8969, and Russia Attempts to Bring Koreas Together.
Before September 11th: Air France Flight 8969 - In 1994 terrorists hijacked a plane headed for Paris, intending to use the plane as a weapon. Although their plan failed, they may have given other terrorists a deadly idea.... [ View ]

Russia Attempts to Bring Koreas Together - Though not without its snags, a proposed Russian pipeline would supply South Korea natural gas via North Korea, possibly thawing some of the icy tensions in the region.... [ View ]

Regional Questions of Palestinian Statehood - As Palestine takes its application for statehood to the United Nations, the issue must be considered within the greater framework of international bodies.... [ View ]

Watch: U.S. Hikers in Iran Might Have to Wait for Freedom - ... [ View ]

Watch: Dr. Oz Takes on Apple Juice - ... [ View ]

Apple Juice and Arsenic: Dr. Besser vs. Dr. Oz - ... [ View ]

Watch: Listeria Outbreak From Cantaloupe - ... [ View ]

Listeria Recall: Cantaloupes From Colorado Pulled - ... [ View ]

Watch: Facebook Aids Job Seekers - ... [ View ]

Vietnam mum charged with burying son alive - 4:06 PM... [ View ]

AUSMIN signals closer Aus-US defence ties - 2:53 PM... [ View ]

Zahra step mum sentenced to 15 years - 2:44 PM... [ View ]

The GOP's Fiery Front-Runner - Rick Stengel & Mark Halperin, Time... [ View ]

The Crisis of the "Gentry Presidency" - Joel Kotkin, PoliticoThe Obama administration's belated attempt to address the looming employment crisis "” after three years focused largely on reviving Wall Street, redoing healt... [ View ]

Modern Conservatism Is a Radical Movement - ... [ View ]

A Ponzi Scheme That Should Be Fixed - Charles Krauthammer, Wash Post... [ View ]

Europe Could Return Us to the Fall of 2008 - Robert Samuelson, NewsweekWASHINGTON -- Europe's banking crisis -- and "crisis" is used advisedly -- tells us how much and how little has changed since the onset of global financial turmoil... [ View ]

US urges Americans to leave Syria immediately - The State Department urges American citizens to leave Syria immediately, citing ongoing uncertainty and volatility in the country.... [ View ]

Palestinian UN vote: What is it? Why now? - ... [ View ]

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