Battletech Developer Jou, Survey - Game Deve and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2019-04-22 on Tamugaia - Battletech Developer Journal - 03, and Survey - Game Deve.
Battletech Developer Journal - 03 - ... [ View ]

Survey - Game Deve - ... [ View ]

Controlled Randomness - ... [ View ]

Rev Share Looking for Programmer For Rpg Builder - The information is stored here, but in a nutshell I am looking to work with a programmer to develop a voxel engine ( Nice chunk of this done !) and help with gameplay using unreal engine.... [ View ]

World War Z: Living Dead Masterpiece or Dead on Arrival? - PSE - How does World War Z stack in the world of co-op zombie shooters? Living dead masterpiece? Or, is it merely dead on arrival?... [ View ]

eCrossminton - PS4 Review - PlayStation Country - Daydream Software have delivered a competent sports title in eCrossminton. Content is sparse with modes being basic but the core components do provide an enjoyable time. Applying direction takes effort but... [ View ]

World war Z PS4 review - Demon Gaming - Josh writes: - When did we reach the point where if someone mentions Zombie Game you almost want to roll your eyes and say Pass? It is hard to pinpoint, but there is no denying that we saw a massive influ... [ View ]

PS4 Gamer Loses Access To Digital Games For Violating Sonys Hate Speech Policy - "One of the dangers of an all-digital future is that gamers have no access rights to their library. What does that mean? It means that for gamers who still have access to discs or cartridges, they can stil... [ View ]

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