Battle Pogs Up On Kickst, One Drunk Night Card Game Up On Kickstarter and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2017-02-06 on Tamugaia - Battle Pogs Up On Kickstarter, and One Drunk Night Card Game Up On Kickstarter.
Battle Pogs Up On Kickstarter - So, who here remembers Pogs? I’m sure a lot of you do. I do, though I never owned any. It never got as big in my school as it was all over the rest of the world. Well, they’re back, of sorts. B... [ View ]

One Drunk Night Card Game Up On Kickstarter - You know, I’ve never been drunk. Honestly. I’m a teetotaler, so there’s not much opportunity for it. However, hanging around gamers, who I have found tend to enjoy imbibing alcohol, IR... [ View ]

No Disintegrations Now Available for Star Wars RPG - There’s a lot of not-so-great people in the Star Wars universe, and someone has to bring them to justice. The various police forces can’t always keep up, so it’s up to the bounty hunters... [ View ]

Warlord Games Previews Test of Honour Samurai Miniatures Game - Warlord Games has many fine games on the market. If you’re a fan of ancient historicals, there’s Hail Caesar. If you like a more Napoleonic feel, there’s Black Powder. You’ve got Pi... [ View ]

Sony and Microsoft need to ban keyboard and mouse inputs, says Overwatch Director - ... [ View ]

Rethink your heroes in this new trailer and synopsis for Transformers: The Last Knight - ... [ View ]

Next version of Chrome to support Progressive Web Apps - ... [ View ]

PlayStation 4 Pro’s getting a boost mode that lets unpatched games tap in to its increased power - ... [ View ]

PS4 vs Wii - VGChartz Gap Charts - December 2016 Update - ... [ View ]

Life of Gaming Podcast Episode 63 Our Favorite Sports Games - Its Super Bowl Sunday! So, Chris and Josh will be discussing their favorite sports games! This week, since James was unable to make it, due to a family emergency, the guys are joined by special guest, Edw... [ View ]

Minimalist Nintendo Switch wallpaper is gorgeous - A fan-made Nintendo Switch wallpaper captures the essence of the console in a minimalist fashion.... [ View ]

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