Avalanche in Chilean And, At least 12 dead as trains collide in India and other World news

The world news of 2014-10-01 on Tamugaia - Avalanche in Chilean Andes kills two elite skiers, and At least 12 dead as trains collide in India.
Avalanche in Chilean Andes kills two elite skiers - Chilean rescue helicopter recovers bodies of Swedish and Canadian professional skiers with two further Swedes recovering in hospital following avalanche near border with Argentina... [ View ]

At least 12 dead as trains collide in India - Human error the most likely cause and Lucknow-Barauni Express collides with another busy passenger train in Uttar Pradesh, claiming a dozen lives and injuring scores more... [ View ]

Explorer rescued after 12 days in cave in Peru - Spaniard Cecilio Lopez Sanchez, 40, evacuated on a stretcher at end of huge search effort after becoming trapped nearly two weeks ago while exploring a cave in Chachapoyas... [ View ]

First Ebola victim in America was sent home with antibiotics - The patient, who contracted the disease in Liberia, presented himself at a hospital in Dallas, Texas but was given antibiotics and told to go home. Now, health officials have launched a desperate search fo... [ View ]

Protesters Fill Hong Kong Streets as Deadline Looms - Pro-democracy protesters filled the streets of Hong Kong Tuesday, one day ahead of a deadline for governmental reform.... [ View ]

Taliban Suicide Bombers Kill 7 in Kabul, Wound 21 - Day after US-Afghan pact, Taliban bombers strike Afghan troops in Kabul, kill 7 and wound 21... [ View ]

Agonizing Wait for Last Victims of S. Korean Ferry - In gym where relatives of 10 missing from S. Korean ferry wait, agony endures as crowds fade... [ View ]

12 Killed as 2 Trains Collide in Northern India - At least 12 people killed and dozens injured after 2 trains collide in northern India... [ View ]

Democrats' Last Stand in Arkansas? - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RealClearPoliticsLITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor ran unopposed for re-election six years ago when Republicans couldnÂ’t even put up a candidate. At the time,... [ View ]

The Republican Party Is Not Ready for Prime Time - Bill Scher, Politico... [ View ]

Harry Reid's Desperate Measures - Fred Barnes, Wall Street Journal... [ View ]

Serving Without Protecting - Frank Bruni, New York Times... [ View ]

The Silly, Selective "War on Women" - Kathleen Parker, Washington Post... [ View ]

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