Australian swimmer in po, Deaths darken Hong Kong protests and other World news

The world news of 2019-07-23 on Tamugaia - Australian swimmer in podium protest against Chinese rival, and Deaths darken Hong Kong protests.
Australian swimmer in podium protest against Chinese rival - ... [ View ]

Deaths darken Hong Kong protests - ... [ View ]

Canada mine waste prompts calls for better water protection - Three northwestern Montana communities along the Kootenai River are seeking stronger protections from the hazardous contaminants that flow downstream from mines in Canada... [ View ]

Mexico uncovers massive migrant smuggling ring using trucks - Mexican officials say they have uncovered an industrial-scale migrant smuggling ring using tractor-trailer rigs disguised as freight deliveries for major companies... [ View ]

Grave of 'real-life Asterix' who fought Caesar found amid trove of weapons and possessions in West Sussex  - ... [ View ]

Snakes seeking water during UK heatwave could become trapped in garden netting, say experts - ... [ View ]

UK could experience the hottest night on record, as NHS advises people to keep windows shut - ... [ View ]

Who are the Chinese 'triads' accused of attacks on Hong Kong protesters? - ... [ View ]

Man in hospital with serious injuries after accident on set of Fast & Furious film - ... [ View ]

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