Aug 8, Stanley Hotel-Est, Aug 8, What the heck IS it??? Fairy? Bug? Spirit? and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2011-08-08 on Tamugaia - Aug 8, Stanley Hotel-Estes Park,Co, and Aug 8, What the heck IS it??? Fairy? Bug? Spirit?.
Aug 8, Stanley Hotel-Estes Park,Co - My ex husband and I stayed in room #401 at the Stanley and got what we bargained for! There was a really heavy atmosphere in the room to begin with, but... [ View ]

Aug 8, What the heck IS it??? Fairy? Bug? Spirit? - Hello, this photo was taken on July 3rd using a Samsung digital camera at between 7:45 and 8:00 pm (the sun had already set behind the mountains). The... [ View ]

Aug 8, The Plaza Hotel in NYC - Its has been quite some time since I've experienced this, but felt it needed to be shared. I can find no other stories of the Plaza Hotel, depicting any... [ View ]

Aug 8, Geiser Grand Hotel - In Baker City Oregon is the Geiser Grand Hotel which is well known for its paranormal guests. After spending a very creepy night at the hotel we took a... [ View ]

Aug 8, The Historic Menger Hotel - About a month ago I came across one of those ghost documentaries on the History Channel or A&E, Im not sure which. They had a show on The Menger Hotel... [ View ]

UFO Hunters – Area 51 Revealed 1/5 - ... [ View ]

Pt 1 Edgar Mitchell UFO Disclosure Press Conference 09 - ... [ View ]

UFO’s from Russia, Moscow 10.05.2011 - ... [ View ]

Mosquito Sound to Repel Teens - ... [ View ]

Larry King Live on Ufo’s comment - I have to give Larry credit for attempting to show whats going on with the UFO phenomena, but like Peter Jennings show it was no more than what the average person already knows about UFOs. Buzz Aldrin was... [ View ]

I Saw... Myself? - ... [ View ]

A Good Experience With The Ouija - ... [ View ]

Rendlesham Commander speaks out - The US Commander in charge at the time of the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident has spoken out. US Air Force Colonel Conrad was the commander of the airf...... [ View ]

Orange goo in Alaska baffles experts - A strange orange gunk that appeared in a remote Alaskan village has locals and experts alike baffled. The substance initially washed up on shores of K...... [ View ]

Huge network of Stone Age tunnels found - A vast network of neolithic tunnels built 12,000 years ago would have criss-crossed the UK and Europe. The tunnels have been found underneath sites al...... [ View ]

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